How I Draw Space Bunny

Bella Dalton-Fenkl

Reprinted from The Korean Quarterly
The way I came up with Space Bunny was by doing math problems with my mother. She was illustrating a point by saying something along the lines of, ďSo if you had to do calculations for space travel and got a decimal place wrong, you might end up going past the moon.Ē So I drew a bunny in a spaceship flying past the moon.

The first thing I do is make some thumbnails of the strip with a pencil. Since these are just guidelines for drawing the finished strip, itís okay if they look awful.

The next thing I do is get some Bristol board and start drawing the strip in pencil. I use guidelines for the panel borders and I refer back to the thumbnails to know what Iím doing. I can still afford to make mistakes at this stage, because I can always erase things.

Once the penciling is finished, I go over everything in pen (notice how I fixed the typo at this stage). Then, I erase the pencil lines.

The strip is then scanned into the computer in three or more pieces for digital editing.

The art gets slid into a placeholder for editing and finishing: spotting the blacks, fixing word balloons, lettering, and correcting dumb mistakes I made during inking.

All that is left after this is translation.

Thatís everything!